Monday, July 21, 2014

Transfers otra vez!

So this week is transfers, so if you're about to send something to my apartment in Harrah, apply President Uchtdorf's counsel and STOP IT until you get my new address :), which will probably be next week.
I'm leaving behind Choctaw and going to the Village ward, which is in a pretty ritzy part of north OKC. It'll will be interesting for sure. I'm going to be serving English speaking still and will also be serving as a sister training leader! I'm kind of nervous but also excited for the new experiences and challenges. Heavenly Father has definitely blessed me with a variety of areas to work with! Most missionaries don't move around as much as I do and I really like the change!
This week was really amazing. I sent some pictures of the highlights. The first one is the baptism that we had this week for Odessa and Tana! It was so amazing and I felt the Spirit super strong for sure. These girls are just amazing. When we asked Odessa what it feels like to have repented of all her transgressions she said, "I feel like I'm worth more". WOW. Isn't that how repentance makes us feel, though? When we're in the grip of sin Satan's influence is powerful and he makes us feel worthless and like there's no hope for us at all. When we shake off those oppressive chains through repentance we feel and understand that we are children of a loving God who wants us to succeed and has made it possible for us to succeed and be better. That's a lot of wisdom from a 13-year-old!
But I got ahead of myself. A lot happened at the beginning of the week as well. We went on exchanges again on Tuesday, and I went back to OKC 2nd (where my boyfriend is) with Sister Allen this time. We had fun biking around and talking to people, and according to Sis. Lemmo they had a miracle filled day as well! They went to go see the Jones family, and Bro. Jones had been reading and praying, both the daughters sat in on the lesson, and Sis. Lemmo invited him to be baptized! He said that he doesn't feel like he's ready, but he will be soon, I think. And then they all came to church for the 2nd time and stayed all 3 hours! MIRACLE YEAH!
Then on Wednesday WE GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!! (sorry I don't have any pictures) Jessica West from my last area had asked if I could attend her endowment (she's getting ready to leave for the California Rancho Cucamonga mission), and I got permission so we went! Hermana Loveland was there along with other members of the ward, and it was so great to see them all, and especially great to see them in the temple.
That gets us caught up to Saturday, and then on Sunday we said good-bye to a lot of people (Elder Hoddy, who's been here 9 months, got called to be a zone leader so we both found out about transfers a day early). We also had a youth missionary fireside that evening, and committed the youth to make a new friend, invite them to church or meet with the missionaries, and befriend those that do come to church. It was really awesome and spiritual and I can tell it gave the youth a desire to do more missionary work!
I guess I should explain the other 2 pictures: the second one is our investigator James, who told me I could take a picture of him as long as he looked "country". So here's James looking country. The last one is us + the elders. We've basically become siblings, and this picture describes our relationship pretty well.
So that's been my week! There are a lot of changes coming up but I'm ready and excited! I know that the Lord is at the head of the missionary work here in the Oklahoma City mission, so as long as I do what He says I'll be fine and the mission will prosper. I love you all and hope you have a lovely week full of miracles!!
Con much carino,
Hermana Holloway
PS: Video of the week! Baptism is an essential ordinance for salvation!

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