Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy 4th of July/Double Decades?!

This week was a LOVELY week and we had such a LOVELY holiday! There were a lot of people at the lake this weekend which made some of our proselyting efforts a bit complicated, but we were still able to see a lot of people.
I think suburban/rural Oklahoma is a great place to be on the 4th of July. First of all, people here LOVE America so they have some pretty awesome celebrations. Second of all, all fireworks of any description are legal outside of the city limits, so you can buy whatever you want and then go crazy. Some people spent literally hundreds or thousands of dollars just on fireworks. The family that we spent the 4th with hadn't bought tons of fireworks, but their neighbors had so as soon as we were done with ours we just sat back and watched theirs.
I also discovered this awesome fireworks setting on my camera that makes awesome pictures like this:

and this:

It was a good day :). But what was even better was that two days before, completely out of the blue, Bro. Jones (from the part-member family that we taught for the first time like a month ago and then they've fallen off the face of the earth) texted us and asked if we could come and visit them the next day!!! For those of you unfamiliar with missionary work, that NEVER happens. Usually we have to nag and nag and nag until they set up an appointment. So of course we went over (we would've crawled if we'd had to) and it turns out that Bro. Jones had read like 18 chapters in 1 Nephi and had a lot of good questions. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he LOVED it, and then they came to church on Sunday!! It was a crazy amazing miracle. PLUS he gave us homemade cherry jelly, which I've been eating for breakfast pretty much every morning since. Life isGOOD.
Earlier this week we also went and visited the Easteps (the really old less-active couple that came to church last week), and Bro. Eastep wasn't there so we just visited with Sis. Eastep for a while. Just as we were about to leave, Bro. Eastep showed up with a bunch of corn, and with a huge smile on his face he said "I'm so glad you're here! Now I can put you to work!" Then he made us shuck corn for him. It was pretty fun, though, and we got some farm fresh corn out of it! That man just cracks me up. He's so ornery.
We also had a good lesson with our investigator, James. Well actually we did a church tour with him, but he really liked it. We just showed him around our building, pointing out the pictures and some of the rooms that would be pertinent to him, and then we ended in the chapel. We explained the Sacrament and enjoyed the Spirit. He told us after that before the church tour he hadn't really planned on coming to church with us, but now he's really curious about everything and wants to see how church works for us. Miracle of a church tour! They work!
I think those are pretty much the most exciting things that have been going on around here. We just keep working hard and trying to improve. I think one of the best parts about being a missionary is the chance to see the Atonement work in my life and see the miraculous effect it has had on me. I really feel like I've been changed throughout this whole process and refined into what God wants me to be.
Well that's all for this week. I hope y'all have an awesome and amazing week full of miracles and that you always can recognize the hand of the Lord in your life because He is always there!
Hermana Holloway
PS: the double decades part of the title refers to how old I'll be on Saturday. I think this means that I need to start acting mature... we'll see :)

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