Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"Does that say Lame-O???"

Aloha friends!!!
So you're probably wondering about the title. Well this week my companion changed her name (no she did not get married). Apparently the name that she went by back home was "Lemmo", but she had to put her legal name ("Peterson") on the mission papers and we just barely got the new tags at zone conference on Tuesday. Well later that week we were visiting Sister Collett when she stopped mid-conversation, stared at my companion's nametag for a couple of seconds with a bewildered expression, and said "does that say Lame-o?!?!?" I died laughing!
This week we had a really amazing zone conference. The main theme of my mission president's training was progress. He pointed out that the most fun thing to do in life is to change and be better. I could totally relate to this. When I started running, it was a great feeling when I could run a mile without stopping, then I could do 2, and then I worked my way up to 3! Then finishing the Spartan race (if I could I would insert a picture of the muddy mess that was the Spartan race here) it was like the best feeling ever!! The same principle applies to spiritual growth. Recognizing where you've grown spiritually is not as easy to measure, but there is definitely a great feeling of satisfaction when you see that growth. I think that one of my biggest take-aways from the conference was that I need to find more joy in my spiritual growth rather than focusing on where I still have to grow. When I finished the Spartan Race, my first thought was not "I'm so disappointed that I could only do the shortest one", it was "that was so awesome!!! Look at what I just did!! Now with a little more work I can do a longer one."
Heavenly Father is infinitely patient and kind with our faults, and only asks that we keep moving forward, even if we slide backwards. I love this scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 64:2:
For verily say unto you, will that ye should overcome‍ the world;wherefore will have compassion‍ upon you. 
There's no sense of frustration that after all this time we haven't overcome the world yet, just a loving promise that He will help us to do so.
It was a pretty incredible conference.
A couple more cool experiences from the week:
We had a few more minutes before dinner on Friday so we decided to get gas because we were running a little low. Well the first gas station we stopped at was a little sketch and the pumps didn't work, so we decided to skip the gas and just go to dinner. Well lo and behold on our way there we saw another gas station and stopped there. This guy came up to pump our gas (which I was not expecting at all and therefore didn't know what I was supposed to do) and as I was explaining about how he had to put in the vehicle number and odometer because it's part of the mission fleet, he asked what it was for and whatnot. I explained that we were missionaries and he said that when he lived in California there were sisters that used to visit him and he's been to the temples over there!! It was awesome and really cool how we were inspired to go to that gas station. He didn't agree to meet with missionaries again, but he did take our phone number.
And then finally the Easteps came to church! The old couple that we committed to come 2 weeks ago!! They were there and really enjoyed it. Everyone was really shocked to see them. Bro. Eastep was as ornery as usual, but that's to be expected.
Ok, and finally, I have pictures!!

This is at Sis. Bigham's house. She has a tradition of having the missionaries over for breakfast whenever a new one comes in and the traditional food is biscuits and chocolate gravy!! It's SO delicious. If you think that sounds gross it's just because you've never tried it :)

One thing about being in the buckle of the bible belt is that you see things like this all the time. It's a business card for a garage door company that someone hung up at the Laundromat that says "Smile, Jesus Loves You!" Only in Oklahoma!

Sunset!! Sometimes when we're driving down the road and there's a gorgeous sunset we stop in the middle of the road and take a picture of it. Luckily we're in the middle of nowhere so there's nothing but fields.
That's all for this week! Remember to smile because LIFE IS GOOD!
~Sister Holloway

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