Monday, April 28, 2014

Transfer Time!!!

So for those of you just tuning in, this week has been a lot of preparation for my upcoming move to Choctaw, OK with my new companion who has yet to be revealed to me. I got to go to a meeting for all the trainers this week and I've been studying the 12 week program for new missionaries so I'll be ready. I'm really excited, though, and I'm sure that she'll teach me more than I could ever teach her!
Also, I don't have my new address for the apartment there so if you want to send me anything, just send it to the office for now (416 SW 79th St Ste 201, Oklahoma City, OK 73139) and they'll forward it. Or you can wait until next week and my mom will email you my new address. But I always love getting mail (hint, hint) and I'd love to hear from you whoever you may be!
But enough of that. Here's some highlights from my crazy week:
MONDAY: We went to the little air and space museum here in Weatherford, which apparently is home to Tom Stafford, who was on the Apollo mission before the one that landed on the moon (I think number 11). It was a cute little museum, but I think the coolest part about it was that in the photo of Tom Stafford's graduating class we found the late husband of this old lady that we do service for. Also there was a cockpit that you could play in and you could take pictures of yourself as an astronaut!

TUESDAY: We went to the dentist (yay)! And we got in with some less active members that it's pretty hard to get in with and was able to start building a good relationship with them! That may not seem like a huge miracle, but small and simple things are how great things come to pass. Then that night we ding dong ditched some ice cream on one of our member's porches because they were having a hard time. The only problem is that we got caught...
WEDNESDAY: We went to the city this day for the trainer's meeting. It was amazing and inspiration. Basically I just want to help my baby be really excited about being a missionary and also siphon off some of her excitement to add it to mine. I think it's going to be really important to be a good example to her because you really emulate your companions, especially your trainer. Then later we were going to go to English class, but it got cancelled because of a really anticlimactic thunderstorm. So instead we had a lesson with Cody! He's doing so great!!!! He's seriously the best recent convert in the world. He's an awesome missionary, takes his calling as assistant secretary in the Elder's Quorum very seriously, is focused on the temple, and is starting family history!! He's only been a member for like 3 months too!!! Talk about a future bishop. :)

THURSDAY: We went to the dentist for round two!! Good news, no cavities! Then I had my last lunch at Lucille's (this really awesome local restaurant) and got a pink camo shirt to remember the place. Sam should be so proud. Then we had an awesome lesson with one of our recent converts named Sadie and her cousin. Sadie joined the church because her grandma is a member so the sisters started teaching her and she got baptized. The only problem is is that her parents aren't members and the other grandma that she lives with is kind of anti. But Sadie is so awesome and LOVES the church and the Book of Mormon so we try to see her as much as we can. Then we drove the back way to Clinton for Bible Study because they live in the middle of nowhere, and this picture makes me think that sometimes Oklahoma can rival Hawaii in terms of the most beautiful state:
FRIDAY: Some of our plans fell through (shocker) so as a backup we decided to visit this less active family that we've never been able to teach because of one reason or another. The mom answered the door and looked just miserable. She told us that on top of her other health issues she had scratched her cornea in 2 places and wasn't feeling the best so she wouldn't be able to meet with us. We asked her if she'd like aPriesthood blessing and she agreed, so we came by a few hours later with some men. They gave her the most beautiful blessing, and I know that it helped. I'm so grateful for the power of the Priesthood!
SATURDAY: We did some service for our old ladies. Between painting and gardening we were able to soak up some of the spring sun. It was lovely!!
SUNDAY: After a lovely last Sunday in the Clinton Ward we had a lesson with one of our part member families that went really well!! At least it was much better than usual!! Also we had a lot of less active members come to church, so that was really happy. I also had to start packing which was not so happy.  It was super windy this weekend too(more than usual), and it kicked up a bunch of the good ol' Oklahoma red dirt until the sky looked like this:

Let's just say that I was having flashbacks to the Dust Bowl. Luckily the wind has died down a bit and the dirt has settled so it's pretty much normal now.
Well there you have it!! Next week I'll be writing you from Choctaw! I hope you all have a lovely lovely week. Your reading assignment for the week is found here. Enjoy!
Sister Holloway (English baby!)

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