Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference is Almost Here!!!

SPRING IS HERE!! EVERYTHING IS GROWING AND BEAUTIFUL!! So because of that I figured out where the name bluegrass comes from! It's because all of the grass in the South grows blue! 

Por ejemplo, here's some blue grass that we found in Thomas:
Inline image 1
Isn't that awesome!?
...but really, it's just a pesticide or a weedicide that everyone puts on their grass. The grass isn't really blue :).
Anyhoo this week was super awesome. The weather was bipolar as usual (pretty sure I had to wear boots and leggings on Wednesday then by Thursday it was 70s again) but the overall trend is warmer. Warmer means many wonderful things... like birds and blossoms and baby cows (so cute) but also...
All of the old timers say that tornado season's coming! Pretty soon the winds will howl (more than they already do), thunder will ka-boom!, and all of the missionaries will be doing tornado cleanup. Other than Christmas it's the most wonderful time of the year!
I'm just a little excited.
This week was also full of miracles, as usual. For example, the Clinton elders gave us a Spanish referral(because in case I didn't mention before we teach just Spanish in Clinton because there are English elders there) and she's like the most solid person ever! She was ready to pack up her 9 children (that's right, 9 of them!) and come to church after the first lesson! I think that I love her so much because she's super humble. She offered one of the most sincere prayers that I've ever heard too. There was nothing that felt repetitious and she really talked to God humbly and as her Father. Her humble prayer felt more powerful than most others I've heard. Wow! I definitely need to improve in that aspect!
Remember the old ladies that we're doing service for? Well we walked dogs for them this week! There were 4 altogether, 2 fluffy ones, and 2 big fluffy ones. They have a German shepherd that's kind of my favorite. Whenever little dogs come up to her and start barking their heads off she just looks at them like she's so much more civilized than they are. (which she is!)
Then we taught Katherine the stop smoking workshop! I think about half of the people here smoke (give or take)so the Word of Wisdom can often be an obstacle when people want to get baptized. Not everyone can just randomly quit cold turkey like Cody (he's special), so we teach people how to stop smoking whenever we can! The workshop is basically a bunch of things that they do everyday for 7 days to get ride of the urge to smoke. It's been proven to be really effective and I'm really excited to see Katherine's results because she is ready and excited to get baptized!
We also had a really great and inspiring zone conference! My mission president is the best! He always encourages us to work as hard as we can (of course) but he also encourages us to have fun, because if you're not enjoying missionary work, what's the point? Man is that he might have joy (2 Nephi 2:25), so whatever you do (especially in the gospel) enjoy it!
And then, probably the biggest blessing from the week was the General Women's Meeting!! It was so amazing!! If you're a woman and you haven't watched it, watch it right now by clicking here. You'll be glad you did.
Something that really stood out to me was the theme between this and the last Women's Broadcast from 6 months ago. (if you care to review it you can check it out here and scroll down to the bottom) Both of them centered on making and keeping covenants. I think that if that is the central theme of both meetings it's something that we should pay attention to! I can't post quotes yet because they don't have the written copies of the talks out, but I think Bonnie L. Oscarson's was my favorite because she focused so much on how keeping our covenants is reflected in our discipleship, especially when it comes to loving and taking care of each other. That makes me think that the Gospel is not a set of rules to follow, but a life (Christ's) that we must emulate. When contemplating a course of action, our thoughts should not be "is this in line with the commandments?", but rather, "what would Jesus Christ do in this situation?" If that becomes the principle that guides our actions, we will be a more Christlike people!
But anyways. I wish I could go on, but this is already a book and I'm sure you have a lot more missionary blogs that you have to check! ;) Moral of the story, if you haven't already, watch the broadcast. Also,watch General Conference! I know that if you do that then you will find personal revelation and guidance from modern-day prophets!!
Con cariƱo,
Hermana Holloway
There's a town outside of OKC called Bethany! Apparently there's also someone named Kathi Holloway involved as well... but I have no idea who she is or what "COUNCIL WARD 2" means. It's cool though!
Inline image 3
Sometimes because we live really far away we have to leave for conferences at the crack of dawn and then get to enjoy the sunrise!
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