Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Museums and parties and road trips


I promise we also did missionary work this week... in between the museums and parties and road trips. So here's what happened:

Well this was really just a p-day thing. We went to the natural history museum that's on the OU campus and kind of were educated but mostly took funny pictures, like the one attached to this email. The district out here is one of my favorites. Everyone is hilarious! We call ourselves the black sheep, and even though there's about 15-30 miles between each companionship, we're still super close and have a blast when we're together.

Sister Boulter's birthday was this week! So while on exchanges last week I called the elders and told them that I wanted to make her birthday really special but also a surprise. They have much more creative minds than I, and they came up with a zone surprise party during district lunch. It was so much fun! We ate food, had cake and ice cream, and busted a pinata. And Sis. B had NO idea. My job was to stall so they could get everything set up so she'd be surprised, and luckily she was!

We also had MLC this week, which was another kind of party. More like a spiritual party. And because it's my last one, they made me bear my testimony at the end. (well, I guess I got to bear it) I'm just so grateful for all of the missionary skills that I've gained and the ability to follow the Savior that I've obtained. I don't think I'd have that without my mission.

We went to the temple this week! Anel, a girl from the Spanish branch, invited me to her endowment and I got permission to go! We went on the special Spanish Saturday, which means that everything was in Spanish. That made it kind of difficult, but the Spirit is universal. And it was just so happy to be with the branch members. Even though I haven't been there in over a year, they're still my family.

We also went to Lawton, OK for a baptism for Sister Boulter! It was about 90 miles each way, but it was a way fun road trip.

Between all of that and and exchange in Spanishland, it seems like I hardly got to work in my own area, but we had some lessons with the Borchers and Joseph and Paula. Hayden and Joseph are on the brink of setting baptismal dates, but they've just got a couple of concerns that they need to take care of. And Paula ran into some anti material but luckily she came straight to us and we were able to help her to see that it's not true. If you want to research something about the church, don't go to Google! Go to an official church website.

And because church was cancelled last week we had fast Sunday this week. One sister got up and said something to the effect of "we know what we need to do. We just need to do it NOW." And that's how I've been feeling lately. I know what I need to do, I just need to do it!

Love you all! Thanks for your love and support!!

~Hermana Holloway

1. with the district at the museum
2. The surprise party

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