Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It's always darkest right before the dawn

Pardon the cheesy title, but that's really how I feel. This week has been infinitely better than last week, and on Friday we were driving to the hermanas' apartment to shower after early morning sports and right in front of us there was the most GORGEOUS sunrise. The colors were just so vivid and bright that there's no way to describe or replicate it. It was a nice little message from Heavenly Father that everything is going to be alright, that everything I was going through was designed to help me trust Him more.

We also got to go to the temple this week, and that was an amazing experience. I think the last time I'd been to the temple was in August or September, so it had been a couple of months. As soon as I walked into the ordinance room I just felt the most overwhelming sense of peace and comfort. I felt like I just gone home, but it wasn't really a physical home. I had gone to my spiritual home, which as a child of my Heavenly Father means the temple. I felt like I was in the presence of God and it gave me a great deal of strength. I also got the distinct impression while I was there that God is trying to stretch me and that he's making it kind of difficult on purpose, but that ultimately it would all work out. I also learned that I really have no idea how to do ANYTHING, but any knowledge and ability that I have was given to me by my Father and that as I trust Him more, He takes care of me.

So anyways, this week was a little slower missionary work wise, but it was a spiritual feast overall.

But we did have some pretty cool miracles:

On Friday we went over to Sis. Komers' house because she broke her foot really badly and can't really do a ton of housework. So we went over to cook and clean and stuff. When we pulled in we saw this guy that was doing some remodeling or something and as we got our of the car sister Stokes gave him a cheery wave and asked "is Sister Komers home?". He kind of gave us a strange look, said he wasn't sure, and then we went inside. About an hour later Bro. Komers came inside and said that as he was talking to the guy remodeling his house (Jeremy) he had asked "so what ward are you in?". Bro. Komers was of course very surprised and asked him if he was a member. Jeremy said that he was but hadn't been active for a long time and actually felt a lot of animosity towards the church. Well Bro. Komers took this lost sheep under his wing, talked with him, and managed to get him to come to church on Sunday and meet the very people that had offended him. All because of a simple question: "is Sis. Komers home?" If we hadn't been there and come when we had (which was late BTW) he never would've seen the sister missionaries and known that the Komers were members. God does know us individually and He looks out for us! The lost sheep cannot stray forever.

There's also this investigator that we have, Skye, who's the daughter of one of our recent converts. She's 12 and definitely needs the gospel, she just feels kind of shy about being around the other young women. We've been trying and trying to help her but we haven't been able to figure it out. Well last week the Young Women went and visited her without us asking them to. Then on Sunday she came to church, went to YW 3rd hour with us, and agreed to go to mutual. I really feel like this could be a turning point for her!


Life is good.

The church is true.

The Book is blue.

I love you.

And Jesus does too!

I hope all y'all have a great week and see miracles!!!

~Sister Holloway

Some pictures:

Disc golfing last week. I was terrible but it was fun :)

Our district at the temple! Yes elders Santana and Mulitalo were eating ramen. Silly elders.

Not to overly beat a dead horse... but I found this poster in the stake center library and thought it was appropriate:

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