Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The best part about Noble is...

...the fact that we can email at OU again! Which means we get the really really nice Macs that are easy to type on :DD.

Just kidding. That's just the thing that I'm currently most excited about.

But Noble really is a wonderful place!! I went to church for the 2nd time yesterday and just loved it. And then we went to dinner out in the boonies and I felt right at home. The kids asked me what I liked to do when I was at home and I said that I like to go to the beach and go to amusement parks and stuff like that and they were just like "we've never seen a beach. The only amusement park we've been to is Frontier City. We like to rope and go 4 wheeling and ride horses!"

The difference between city people and country people.

We had some exciting stuff come up this week, though.


It was so happy!! He was just beaming and after he came over to all of the missionaries (there were quite a few there) and he thanked us all and said that if it wasn't for us he wouldn't be where he is. I beg to differ, because we are just vessels of the Spirit, but it was really nice to hear regardless. I feel like even though it took Andy a little while to make the commitment, now that he's there he won't waver because he has truly become converted. 

Also while I was at the baptism stake youth conference was going on at the church building so I saw a few of the youth from Weatherford. It was such a tender mercy and proof that God is in the details of our lives. I just miss all the people from my past areas so much! Every single person I've met out here on my mission has left a mark on me, whether they know it or not.


By this point I've actually gotten to know her a little bit. She was just so ready to get baptized. It was a very spiritual experience and all of her kids were there including her daughter's boyfriend. Now we really want to focus on the kids, because we think they can all get baptized on Feb 14th, which is Sis. Stokes' last weekend on the mission. It would just be perfect because she's worked with this family her whole time in Noble and I really think that the kids can make it to then. We taught her twin sons, Trey and Hayden, and they both said that they want to find out if it's true and we took Makenzee to Young Women's and she loved it! Just pray that it all works out. They are working to be sealed!

#3: WE HAVE THE BEST SISTERS IN THE MISSION! We've started this transfer's round of exchanges, and these sisters are just incredible. They work hard and love the Lord and us and the zone leaders are just trying to keep faith high. Everytime we have a cool miracle we text it to the zone leaders and they forward it to the whole zone. It's incredible to see amazing miracles that don't just happen in another zone or mission, but right here in Norman. When's the last time you shared a missionary or spiritual experience? It could really help someone with faith that you might not know is wavering. Imma leave y'all with a commitment: share a missionary or spiritual experience with someone this week! Will y'all do that? WONDERFUL :). I promise you that your faith and testimony will increase as you do so.

#4: I DON'T REALLY KNOWN WHAT TO CALL THIS ONE! It was just kind of a funny story. We were filling up the car on the way to Andy's baptism Friday when this guy came up to me (Sis. Stokes stayed in the car while I pumped the gas) and said 

"Hey my friend wants your number!" 

My first thought was "what a great way to share the gospel!", so I pull out a pass along card with such zeal that probably made the poor guy believe that I was actually going to give him my number and said "I'm actually a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!" 

Now the guy looked positively dumbfounded but he tried to play it off all smooth and said, "well people say church girls are crazy. Does that mean you're crazy?"

(Missionary tip #269874357, if you want to make sharing the gospel more natural, always try to make the person you're sharing it with laugh. May not be applicable to all situations. See following example.) "Oh yeah! For sure!"

His response: "Well I love crazy! ....so can I have your number?"

Then I had to explain to the poor guy that as a missionary I'm not allowed to date anyone but if he'd like I could send missionaries over to teach him! (he looked like a young single, so we wouldn't teach him)

He explained (looking a little deflated) that he already goes to church and stuff and isn't really interested. 

I gave him the card, told him to visit mormon.org and cheerily bid him a good day. 

Hopefully he gets baptized someday!

It was pretty funny though. I think that's the first time that some random stranger has asked for my phone number like that :). 

So moral of the story is... always keep pass along cards with you so you can share the gospel with random guys that hit on you.

Well that was my week! Hope you liked it! 


~Hermana Bethani Holloway

Scripture of the week-John 21:15-17

So when they had dined, the sister missionary saith to her friends, family, and acquaintances, people, lovest thou me more than these? They saith unto her, Yea, sister missionary; thou knowest that we love thee. She saith unto them, fill my mailbox.

She saith to them again the second time, people, lovest thou me? They saith unto her, Yea, sister; thou knowest that we love thee. She saith unto them, fill my mailbox.
She saith unto them the third time, people, lovest thou me? They were grieved because she said unto them the third time, Lovest thou me? And they said unto her, sister, thou knowest that we love thee. The sister missionary saith unto them, fill my mailbox.

BUT really ;)

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