Monday, January 12, 2015

One of those year-long weeks again!


As you can tell from the title, this week was a LONG one! I don't understand it. They all have (wait a second while I do math on the calculator) 168 hours, how come sometimes they feel like they have 168,000??

BUT it has been a very good week. I was able to get 6 months of stuff from the Village to Noble and say good-bye to most of the people that I love most there. I was so excited to leave, but right now it's pretty bittersweet. Plus now I'm getting to know a whole new set of people and I only have 6 weeks to do it, because that's when Sis. Stokes goes home! It'll be good, though. I'm looking forward to the challenge and the ward has given me a really warm welcome. It's funny, because of the 9 sisters that have served here in living memory, 6 of them have ended their missions here. Everyone knows that Sis. Stokes is about ready to go home, and they already expect me to be here for 3 months and then leave. I was trying to keep that fact on the DL, but the Noble ward was too smart for that. 

All is well, though. I'm back in the same zone as my daughter Sis. Lemmo and I also get to serve around a lot of missionaries that I served around before, including some of my favorite leaders. We're also trying to change things around here and tap into the enormous potential that this place has. We've been working with the zone leaders to set goals and make plans to help every individual missionary and area. It's really exciting stuff! (I know it doesn't really sound like it from my description, but I promise you it is. I'm so pumped and stoked to be a missionary right here and right now!!!)

We also have a couple baptisms coming up. The sisters here have been working with a lady named Kim who's getting baptized on Saturday. Her husband was baptized in November, and we're hoping to start teaching her teenage kids so the whole family can be brought into the gospel!

We'll also be taking a road trip back to the city this Friday for Andy's baptism!!!!!!

(Yay for a library system that lets me do pictures the fun way! Also, this guy's getting baptized!!)


It'll be nice to see everyone again and to see Andy receive this saving ordinance. He is just so ready. 

What else should I say.... Sis. Stokes is a baller. 

(Don't judge how I look too hard. It was really windy.)

She's my 4th companion from Utah (Orem) and she is just a people person and really good at helping people feel her love. She's also a weightlifter, which is sweet. I told her she has to teach me. 

Whelp I think that's about all I have to say! Life is good. The book is blue, the church is true, Jesus loves YOU! And always remember that this Okie missionary loves you too :). Have an amazing, miracle-filled week!


Sister Holloway

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