Thursday, October 2, 2014


This week was CRAZY!!!!! I mean, every week was, but I have no idea how we did so much in just 7 24-hour periods.
MONDAY: Normal P-day. Then that evening we had a lesson with April and Dylan. We actually took April over to another member's house so that she could hear their conversion stories, especially because they both had some problems with their family when they joined the church. It was SO AMAZING and just what April needed to hear. Afterwards we went up to her apartment for a few minutes and she asked "so when can I get baptized?" It was such a cool moment. I knew that I was doing my job.
TUESDAY: We had zone conference! We had to set up the tables and chairs before then have a meeting, so the goal was to be there by 7. Well then we had to pick up the elders in Edmond, so we ended up leaving the house before 6 and getting up at 4:45. It was awesome... not. But the zone conference was really really good. It was a lot more about member work and teaching skills, especially asking inspired questions. Then immediately after we went on exchanges with the sisters in Weatherford. I stayed here this time and spent the day with Hna. Haddock, who is a boss. We had such a good time. We had a lesson with Paula and Andy that evening that went pretty well; we're just trying to help Andy investigate the gospel from a spiritual perspective, not necessarily just an intellectual perspective.
WEDNESDAY: I spent ALL DAY with Hna. Haddock. We had another lesson with April (Law of Chastity!), and then all of our afternoon appointments fell through so we went to go see Comesha and Elijah which was slightly awkward but also good. We committed Comesha to watch the Women's Broadcast and read some scriptures with her. Then after we went to see Mimi and Tati, which ended up being a good lesson. We watched this Mormon Message and then discussed what the anchors represent and what anchors are missing from their lives. And then the concerns started flowing! It was so good! THEN after that we went to see a new less-active sister who is from El Salvador (except she wouldn't let me speak Spanish to her...). Her husband isn't a member and he's a little critical of the church so that's holding her back quite a bit, but she definitely has a lot of potential. And after all that.... we had dinner. No joke, it was the last thing of the night. It was a really good dinner, though. We ate toast and talked about geology.
THURSDAY: Sis. Adair and I were finally reunited!!! Let me tell you, that was a long exchange! After we were done exchanging back and having studies and such we had Weekly Planning and then we went to see our RC, Sis. Goewey. Luckily she happened to be cooking at the time so we even got dinner as well! Then we had a short lesson with Josie and stopped in on the Weske family. Normally the husband doesn't really participate, but this time he watched all the Mormon Messages we shared and even seemed to like them! Huzzah!
FRIDAY: Exchanges again! We go on SO MANY! It was good, though. I got to work in Edmond... and that's about all I have to report on that!
SATURDAY: So we had planned to go to Stillwater because one of Sis. Adair's old investigators was getting baptized. Well one of the sisters in OKC 2nd taught her too, so we decided to carpool. That would mean, though, that Sis. Allen and I would be going to Stillwater needlessly and essentially wasting that time. Then Sis. Allen remembered that she had been invited to the temple that day and had received permission to go, so we went to the temple instead! It was kinda hard to keep track of it all, but it was so great to be in the temple and spend time with Sis. Allen, who is one of my favorite people (she was my STL in Choctaw for those of you keeping score at home)! Then we went to Golden Corral for dinner, which was a wonderful experience. I had never been there before but I thoroughly enjoyed it :). And then we had the WOMEN'S BROADCAST!!! It was so fabulous! If you haven't seen it and are a women you must watch it!!
SUNDAY: APRIL CAME TO CHURCH!! APRIL CAME TO CHURCH!! Now she only has to come 2 more times before she's baptized on October 12th!!!! Comesha and Elijah also came to church, and we didn't even have to remind them to get a ride!! Huzzah!! I love it when people use their agency wisely!!! After all that wonderfulness we went to the Spanish branch's sacrament meeting for language study and had Josie's baptism interview, which was a little unorthodox but it was necessary for Autism. Basically we brought our district leader to a lesson and he observed and decided whether she was ready to be baptized or not. She's learned so much and she's so excited! Her parents took her to a baptism on Saturday and after it was over she said "Josie's turn!". So she understands :).
Yep. That was pretty much my week! Hope you liked it!
Also, the Book of Mormon is true and it's amazing. I've been reading a lot this week and I just keep getting new and wonderful stuff out of it. 
LOVE YOU ALL! Have a great week!
~Hermana Holloway

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