Tuesday, October 14, 2014


So... apparently Colombus Day counts as a holiday for the Metropolitan Library System here in OKC. Everything does come to Oklahoma last so it doesn't really surprise me all that much. But that's why I'm emailing on Tuesday.
As you can see, April did get baptized and confirmed this weekend. It was so great! Dylan baptized and confirmed her and it was the sweetest thing ever. They are just so perfect for each other. Pictures will be attached :)
What else happened this week...
We've been doing a lot of going home prep for my dear almost dead companion. We mailed her bike home, took funeral pictures after district meeting, weighed her bags, took pictures of her with everyone here (if I had a dollar for every picture that I took for her this week I'd have a lot of dollars), had a farewell dinner with our ward mission leader, and went to Lifechurch (it's one of the biggest nondenominational churches in OKC. Pretty much everyone who serves here tries to get invited at least once). We're pretty much ready to send her off now! Transfers are tomorrow, and the departing missionaries will fly out on Thursday. I'm actually really really sad about it. Sis. Adair and I got along super well and she's kind of like my long lost sister. Saying goodbye will be really difficult.
Oh, but cool story of the week! Sis. Adair has a twin brother who is serving his mission in S. Dakota right now. Not only do they fly home on the same day, but they fly home on the same plane. WHAT?!?!? It's pretty sweet. They fly into Denver together and then meet up and fly to Utah. I'm sure the moment that they both step off the plane will be magical.
I actually took a lot of pictures this week, so I think instead of just writing a bunch of words I'll send out a bunch of pictures.
And this morning we read this talk by Elder Lynn G. Robbins that's about being something, not just doing something. I'm trying really hard to focus not only on my example, but also on my motives so that I do the right things for the right reasons. We came to this earth not to do a bunch of things, but to become something. Doing is essential to becoming, but only if accompanied by the proper motives.
Have a great week! Jesus loves you! Go see Meet the Mormons if you haven't already done so!!
Hermana Holloway
1. April's baptism
2. After the baptism
3. Zone p-day. We played kickball and broke a piƱata.

4. Sis. Adair's dying day
5. Rainbow cake at the Speckmans

6. waiting to go into Lifechurch
7. at the temple with April and Dylan and Emmitt
8. Our district at P-day

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