Tuesday, September 16, 2014


This is Bethani's post from September 2, 2014

So pretty much this week can be summed up in a statement made by Pres. W at our LTM (Leadership Training Meeting) this Thursday. He said that as leaders our priorities are first, to our companion; second, to the sisters; and third, to our investigators. As a companionship we're doing great, but we focused a lot more on our sisters than on our investigators this week. As a result our area suffered a little, but God will take care of it and make up what we could not do.
But I'm getting ahead of myself a little bit. Last Monday we pretty much had an extended P-day, because a member in one of the wards here bought baseball tickets to go see the OKC Redhawks for everyone in our stake and Pres. W gave us permission to go! It was super fun and there were quite a few missionaries there.
The next morning, though, we had to be up bright and early to go on exchanges with the Spanish sisters. I went to Spanishland and Sis. Adair stayed in Englishland and we both had a blast. It was just what my soul needed! Then all of our appointments cancelled and I was reminded about some of the good things about English :). 
On Wednesday we had a mini-exchange because Sis. Adair had never finished Sis. Stewart's exchange report, so Sis. Adair went with Sis. Stewart and Sis. Boulter and I went fishing (AKA knocking doors). None of the fish were biting, but we had a good time. Then that evening we had a lesson with Paula, who is our amazing recent convert. She really just teaches us every time.
Thursday was all taken up by the LTM, which was really good, but just a tad long for my attention span. After we had a lesson with Angie, who is still doing amazing. The only thing that we're worried about is that she doesn't understand that being baptized in this church is different from the other churches and just the overall importance. She's excited and has a strong desire, but her excitement needs to be tempered a little bit so that she knows what a big deal it is. So she was supposed to get baptized this Saturday, but we've moved her date to October 11th to give her more time to really and truly prepare.
And then the member that came teaching with us surprise fed us Vietnamese food :). Live is good!
Friday was another day of exchanges... this time in Weatherford!!! It was so happy. I got to spend a whole day and a half there. We had a lesson with Cody (who's still holding strong!), then we had a ward party (all the members were there :) ), and we had Arney dinner! And no, I didn't plan any of that, it just sort of happened that way. It was a tender mercy for sure. And other missionary work happened too. It was kind of a cool experience too because while I was there I got a confirmation that my time there had passed and I'm not supposed to be in Weatherford anymore. That was definitely a blessing because I had felt a little robbed when I first got transferred. I know that the Lord is using me for what He needs me, though, not necessarily what I want.
Sunday was transfer calls again, and Sis. Adair and I are staying here and together. We'll be working with mostly the same sisters too because there weren't many changes in general. This transfer will also be Sis. Adair's last!
And then yesterday for P-Day instead of emailing we went shopping in some Okie stores. I got a SWEET Oklahoma shirt (there should be a picture attached), as well as 2 "Jesus shirts" that you really don't find outside of the Bible belt. One has a taco on it and says "Wanna taco bout Jesus? Lettuce pray" and the other one has John 3:16. I love how much Okies love Jesus!!
Then after that we played basketball for 2 hours. It was glorious.
Then Paula took us out to dinner at Olive Garden and we had a lesson! It was such a great day!
I hope y'all have a great week! I love you!
~Hermana Holloway

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