Monday, June 16, 2014


Another transfer down! Number 6 is in the history books! As such we switched over to the new planners yesterday... and I left my old planner at home. So I'll try to remember what we did last week, but mostly I have no idea.
We got a new elder for the Choctaw ward! (we have one set of elders and a set of sisters, not sure if I specified that...) His name is Elder Rodriguez, he's Hispanic, has a Mexican accent, and quotes Nacho Libre all the time. Pretty much the best. Also I have someone that I can speak Spanish with!
Also I just realized that MY HALFWAY MARK IS THIS WEDNESDAY WHERE ON EARTH DID THE TIME GO!?!?!? I can't believe I'm about do start on my downhill, and everyone says that the second half goes by so much faster. Basically I don't know how to feel about it, but I'll just keep chugging along like always. Missionary work is distracting enough :).
Anyways, we had a super awesome miracle lesson with the Batesons last week. We just talked about families and why their families are important to them and why God gives us families and the Spirit was so strong! Then we asked them if they would start to prepare themselves to be sealed in the temple, and while they didn't give us a straight answer, both parents started tearing up so we know that they'll be thinking about it! It was amazing!
We also had a good lesson with Sis. Pruett, who's been inactive for about 20 years. We just read Alma 32 (here is a link to this awesome discussion on faith with her and her grandson (who is a super smart 9-year-old) and it really brought the Spirit and (I think) the feelings that she used to feel when she was active in the church and a desire to feel that again. It was a huge testimony builder to me that we are not the teachers, and only if the Spirit is there can we do anything!
Sis. Collett is still doing really well! We hung out with her last Monday (the only day we're allowed to hang out) and just talked. We're basically besties. She keeps her freezer full of popsicles just for us. It's a good relationship.
And yesterday was Father's day! The primary children sang, the dads got candy, and we had a Thanksgiving-style dinner with one of our member families. I think that that would be a good tradition to start. Thanksgiving is too good for just once a year right?
We're looking forward to a transfer of miracles! Last transfer was a lot of figuring things out, building relationships, and being patient. Now we're ready to baptize and add more people to the Choctaw ward! Something that our zone leaders has emphasized a lot is this scripture (Moroni 7:33):
And Christ hath said: If‍ ye will have faith‍ in me ye shall have power to dowhatsoever thing is expedient‍ in me.
What does that mean? Well in a nutshell it's telling us that if we have faith, if we truly believe in Christ and His divine help, then we will have POWERto do His will, or what is expedient in Him. They have said over and over that it is expedient in Christ, it is His will, that we baptize in this zone! So we are ready and excited to do so.
Well that was my week. I hope all y'all have a great one this week and always remember to SMILE and BE HAPPY! Because life is amazing.
Hermana Holloway
PS: I only took one picture this week, but it's of a really cool stripey orange moth, so that should be worth like 5 pictures right? Right.

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