Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Thrusting in Our Sickle

Oklahoma sunsets are gorgeous. Just about as gorgeous as Hawaii, and I didn't think that'd ever be possible.
¡Aloha! This week just FLEW by. We got out transfer calls yesterday, and I'm going to be taking over Weatherford! Hermana Lemke's leaving me for the Garden of Enid as we call it. It's basically NW Oklahoma. I get Hermana Loveland, about whom I know nothing but I'm sure she's wonderful!! Two of our four elders are leaving as well, which is something I'm pretty sad about. We're so far away from civilization out here (eg, Oklahoma City) and we all serve in the same ward so we just get so close and transfer time is always bittersweet. The friendships that I've made out here I never want to lose!
We did a lot of walking at the beginning of this week because we didn't have miles and a lot of driving at the end because it was a new month and we had miles! We saw a LOT of country, and even took a field trip to look for a Spanish referral that we had in the boonies of Elk City! That was fun. Let's just say it's a good thing we took the Elders' truck! It's also been a little bit challenging to see our people because of the plague that's going around (AKA the flu). All too often we knock on someone's door only to discover that they're all dying and quarantining themselves!
But despite all of the above challenges we have been having great success and miracles. For example, we had a couple of Spanish investigators that we weren't sure were progressing, so we prayed to know if we should drop them or not. Well at our next visits, one asked some really good questions about the Book of Mormon and expressed doubt in the Catholic way of baptizing children, and the other couple was actually together for once so we taught the Law of Chastity and they want to get married just don't know how to do it in this country (now we're in charge of figuring out how that all works... I guess it'll be good prep for later in life)! So we just keep working hard.
Here's the answer to your questions:

Is there anything you need? More miles? that would be super nice ;)
Who are you teaching? Our main focus right now is Cody, our recent convert, and Hugh, our Baptist preacher. We're teaching a mezcla of other Spanish and English folk, and I love them all but can't remember all of them!
How are things going with your companion? Well she's leaving me... sad day. But we get along super great otherwise! She's a lot like my cousin Megan.
How are you liking Weatherford now? I LOVE WEATHERFORD!!!! The people here are hilarious and it's kinda like a Spanish branch with English speaking people. Good transition. I don't think I could handle just a straight up English ward.
Share some scriptures you've been reading with us and what they mean to you and why...just one or two...I'm not trying to give you homework but I love it when you share scriptures.
Lately we've been doing a lot of Addiction Recovery, so I've been thinking a lot about repentance. One scripture that has stuck out to me is D&C 58:42-43. Repentance is the easiest and hardest thing to do. It involves letting go of all pride, all self-righteousness, all justifications, and confessing and forsaking our sins. It's simple to understand and difficult to execute, but the results are beyond amazing. It means continual improvement and application of the Atonement to our lives. Jesus Christ already paid the price, so why do we hold on?
That's about all I have time for, but I love you all!!! Keep on keepin' on, work hard, and see miracles! Hasta la próxima!
-Hermana Holloway

We love Clinton! That's where the Spanish folk are.

because all of Weatherford is ours, we say that everything the light touches belongs to us. That's what this picture is depicting :). Also D&C 4.

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