Friday, January 24, 2014

A Multitude of Miracles!!

ALOOOOOOOOHAAAAAA!!!! Maybe I should explain this picture a bit... we have this fake mustache attached to one of the mirrors in our car, and if you get your camera tilted at just the right angle you can take a picture of yourself with a mustache. This was just one of my many failed attempts... but I will get it!! In my defense, we were driving at the time. The large glasses are courtesy of Hna. Lemke.
ANYWAYS Cody got baptized this week!!!!! Woo hoo!!! It was a really great service. A lot of ward members came, the Spirit was strong, and the tres leches cake that I made was a huge hit! This is us with Cody before he got baptized:

If you wanna learn more about how I feel about it, just read D&C 18:15. I think the greatest miracle from this week was being able to see the fruits of the Atonement and just how much Cody changed in order to be baptized. He is a completely different person from who he was just a few weeks ago. It's amazing.
Another miracle: on Tuesday we were on bikes and trying to see a recent convert that's been having a hard time getting to church. We knocked on her door and she wasn't there so we lingered on the porch for a little bit to make some phone calls, and she drove up! We had a really great visit and really just talked to her and shared a spiritual thought. No big deal. Well as we were about to leave and without us mentioning anything about church, she opened up and told us why she hasn't been going. It really is true that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care!
Yet another miracle: on Tuesday we'd OYMed (Open Your Mouth) to this Spanish guy on the street that lives in Clinton. We set up a time to go see him Sunday evening. Well later on on Saturday we got invited to go do dinner in Burn's Flat (about 30 minutes from Clinton) around the same time we were going to see this guy. We didn't want to drop the potential investigator in favor of dinner, so we decided to go visit him earlier. Good thing too because if we'd come when we'd originally planned on coming he would have been at work!!
AND THEN about 20 minutes after we leave his house, we check up on this other potential. Hna Lemke had talked to her daughter that speaks English, and today that daughter invited us into the house. We heard the mom saying in Spanish "tell them I don't speak English!" and then we started talking to her in Spanish! I think that she might have had a heart attack from the surprise!! It turns out that she was really interested in the fact that white girls come and teach the gospel to Spanish people, so we're going back to teach her family! Miracle!
One last miracle: Yesterday it was GORGEOUS, like 70 degrees and sunny. I didn't really want to spend P-Day inside, and the Zone Leaders had invited us to go to this state park (Red Rock State Park in Hinton) with them and some other Elders in the zone. We wanted to go, but with all we had to do we didn't think that we'd have time. Well lo and behold it was MLK day so we couldn't email which gave us time to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather. Good thing too, because it's back down to freezing today.

Our lurvely day:

So anyways, that was my week!! They just keep getting better and better and better and better. I didn't think that it was possible, but it is.
I love you all!! I hope you have as many miracles as I did this week and that you're all happy and doing well. God loves you and will always answer you prayers!!

Hermana Holloway

An oil rig on the way to Burn's Flat

Just chillin on a tree

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