Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas!/Crazy Oklahoma Weather/I live in Radiator Springs

I'm an indecisive titler. There were just so many highlights of this week! I guess I'll go through them one by one:
HIGHLIGHT #1: MELE KALIKIMAKA!! FELIZ NAVIDAD!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Hey guys! Christmas is this week!! Even though it's my first Christmas EVER away from my family (sniff) I'm still super excited because I'll still get to talk to my favoritest of hobbits on the phone! Woo hoo!!
HIGHLIGHT #2: We had Christmas Zone Conference this Saturday, but we had ice storms predicted on Friday night. So we decided to drive up on Friday in order to not drive on ice all the way to the city (which is a good 50 miles away). We left just as the freezing rain started. So we drive for an hour and a half in freezing rain! Luckily we got there safely, had an AMAZING conference, then stayed one more night with some sisters in OKC and drove back just in time for church on Sunday! It was an adventure for sure! (PS I wanted to put pictures here, but the computer I'm on is super ghetto and just crashed on me so I'll have to do them next week when we can email at the SWOSU library instead of the public one)
HIGHLIGHT #3: Weatherford is just like Radiator Springs. Adorable small town with like 2 stoplights along route 66? check! I'll have to take more pictures so y'all can see how cute it is! Also, it's a Spanglish area, which means we're in charge of everyone in Weatherford and the Spanish in Clinton. And we translate Sacrament meeting for the Spanish families. AKA party.
HIGHLIGHT #4: Our Christmas Zone Conference was just amazing. Not only did we get 2 free meals and ice cream, but we also were really spiritually fed! One of the things that President Walkenhorst talked about was D&C 58:26. Basically, the Lord has given us brains for a reason! If we expect Him to tell us everything that we need to do every minute of every day, then we'll sit there twiddling out thumbs and never get anything done and learn nothing. Rather, He expects us to go out there and use our best judgement and WORK! The purpose of this life is to be able to learn from our own experiences, right? And how can we do that if we don't experience anything, including unpleasant things like pain, failure, and disappointment? Ultimately, if we trust in the Lord and try our best to do His will we will succeed, but that doesn't mean that all along the way will be smooth sailing. We are promised that if we have faith we can move mountains, but don't be surprised that the Lord gives you a shovel to do it. :) Faith without works is DEAD! Also, if you want to read an amazing story about faith, go to Alma 14. Alma and Amulek really had to trust that the Lord saw the big picture when they couldn't. What a powerful chapter.
This silly computer is going to time out soon, but I love all y'all and I hope you have an amazing Christmas full of peace and love and a focus on the Savior, because ultimately that's what Christmas is all about.
Les quiero!
Hermana Holloway

Frozen tree post ice storm.

Selfie by a frozen tree. Might be my first selfie ever.

Frozen car (we'd scraped off most of the ice but you can see how thick it is on the mirror. That's what we were driving through).

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