Monday, December 16, 2013

I'm getting transferred!!!!!

Hello Family and Friends,

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If you haven't already sent her a Christmas card...I'm sure she would LOVE to hear from you!!!




FIRST of all, I traced my family tree back to Adam. Yep. You're jealous.

The only downside to this is it means that there's no chance that I'm like Superman and came from a different planet. Cuz that would've been sweet.

SECOND of all, I found Holloway corner! I wonder if we're related. This was in Purcell.

THIRD of all, this is my last P-Day in Norman! On Wednesday I'm shipping out to Weatherford, OK, which is about an hour and a half west of the city. The funny thing about Weatherford is that Hna Crockett left Weatherford so that she could train me. So my companion will be one of her old companions! How awesome is that? Plus she already knows like everyone there so I'll get to bring them letters from her so they'll automatically like me :). I'm super excited to go. I'll miss Norman because we opened it so it's kind of like my baby, but I'll keep in touch with the people here and will most likely come back. A lot of missionaries end up going back to Norman.

But ANYWAYS this week was kind of crazy, as they all are. Here's the MIRACLE OF THE WEEK: (I really like this whole you-can-change-the-font-size-thing) So we got this referral in Purcell from the Elders that work down there in English like 2 months ago. We've been knocking the door every time we go to Purcell but nobody's ever answered. We were about to give up on these people. Finally, on Wednesday, we knocked the door one last time (we really wanted to just give up on them)... and they weren't home. As we were walking away we saw this truck that had Mexicans in it and pulled in front of that house. So we went back and knocked again! And! Maribel opened the door! And she and her husband are so nice and so prepared and we gave them a Book of Mormon and they have us tostadas and queso fresco (If you don't know what queso fresco is you need to repent of your wickedness and buy some. You're welcome.) IT WAS AMAZING. (that wasn't enough emphasis...) IT WAS AMAZING!! But seriously now. Don't give up on people. Heavenly Father might be just trying your faith and if you persevere, miracles will happen!

So this week in district meeting my district leader gave us a training on keeping the Sabbath Day holy. Let me tell you, it was INSPIRED. We haven't been able to get any investigators to church the whole time we've been here in Norman, and without going to church they aren't able to feel the Spirit as strongly or really gain that spiritual confirmation that they're looking for. Basically, going to church is SUMAMENTE IMPORTANTE. In our society today the Sabbath day has become just like any other day, but this is not how the Lord intended it. He gave us the Sabbath to be a day of rest. Isn't that just great to think about? The Almighty knows that we need rest, so He provided us a way to set aside the things of the world for a day and just focus on Him. Hna. Crockett has this cute analogy that the week being like trekking through a hot, horrible desert and then Sunday is the day when we find the oasis. It's TOTALLY true though. I took church for granted when I was at home, but I've had a couple of experiences here that have helped me realize that we need the rest and peace that the attending church brings. I have so much more calmness and clarity in my life when I go to church. It's amazing :). The church is true :).

Well, that's about all I got for this week. I love you all and thank you for you love, support, gifts, letters, emails, smoke signal messages (I'm still working on interpreting those so if I don't get back to you in a while please understand), and carrier pigeons! You are all wonderful and I just hope you know how much I LOVE my Savior and how GRATEFUL I am for this opportunity to serve this mission and do His work. This isn't really work, it's a blessing, and my life would not be the same without it. 

Love you! 
Herman A. Holloway

PS: These videos are awesome. The first one especially impacted me because the people in it are exactly the people we work with and teach! I love them so much!

PPS: One of my favorite families! (and some of my favorite missionaries)

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