Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Living the Dream at the MTC

ALOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! And hola tambien! How is everyone? I'm doing so fantastic!! The MTC is pretty great. My district is awesome, the food is edible, the bed is sleepable, and I get to do laundry today! What more could a girl want??
Anyways, it feels like I've been here for WAY longer than a week. New people have already started arriving and it's gonna be great to not be an MTC baby anymore! Hmm... What should I talk to you about. Well I'm in the Advanced Spanish program, which means that I'm learning the same things as English speakers but in Spanish. My district is a mix of Mexicans, a Guatemalan, an Ecuadorian, a half Honduran, two Argentines, and 2 gringos (myself and an elder from Wyoming). Most of them are going stateside, but the other gringo is going (shoutout to Ben McRae) to Panama! And his companion is going to Mexico. But other than that we're all stateside. It's amazing how much my Spanish has already improved just by using it all the time. I'm pretty comfortable talking to everyone in Spanish all the time. It's a ton of fun.
My companion is Sister Quinones and she's from Argentina. She's really sweet and really spiritual and we've already grown so close. She definitely helps me grow and by talking to her my Spanish gets so much better! I'm actually the senior companion, so you can tell Chris that what he said has to happen before you can become a senior companion didn't happen. So there. (though he'll say I'm still in the MTC so it doesn't count but I don't care)
Our days consist of classes, teaching practice, larger group devotional type stuff, study, eating, and repeat! The first two days were pretty overwhelming and Friday was turning me into a giant stressball until we finally had GYM TIME!!!!!!!!!!! It made everything so much better! Hna. Q likes to run so we ran around the field outside and it was so strange to see the outside world. Like people still drive in cars and talk on cell phones and know what's going on outside of the MTC bubble! (what is going on anyway? has life really gone on?)
The MTC is great because you're constantly surrounded by uplifting things. Everything you do is focused on bringing others to Christ. We really have given up our time to the Lord and as such need to focus on what He wants us to do. Plus the Spirit is really strong here and you meet the most AWESOME people. Sometimes, though, I see a pair of missionaries walking around and I think "oh cool there are the missionaries" and I totally forget that I have the same nametag on my chest. Yeah. I'm not really used to that. Or being called Sister Holloway all the time. That's weird.
Oh, and here's the BEST NEWS EVER AND PART OF THE FACT THAT I'M LIVING THE DREAM!!! It turns out that there's a choir of sister missionaries singing in the General Relief Society broadcast this Saturday. And guess what!!! I'm in it!!!!! I GET TO SING IN THE CONFERENCE CENTER WHICH IS THE PLACE THAT I'VE WANTED TO SING IN MY WHOLE LIFE AND I'M SO EXCITED AND I JUST CANT EVEN HANDLE IT!! To decide who gets to sing we had to fill out this survey based on our singing experience, and I'm so glad that I was able to brag about my years of voice lessons and choir. So look out for me on Saturday! And tell everyone to watch! Because it'll be great!!
I also leave in a week. I have to go to the travel office at 2:30 am and my flight leaves at 6:30. I do have a layover in Texas that day so I could call you from the airport... but I don't remember when. Sorry! So if you get a call from a weird pay phone in Texas it's me! It'll most likely be in the morning.

ANYways, being a missionary is great. I love it. I love the MTC too but I'm really excited to get out to the field because when we teach here it just feels kinda fake. I'm glad I don't have to be here for 6 weeks to learn Spanish here! That would be a pain.

You asked what I could possibly be doing on my P-Day. Well this morning I had choir practice so I missed going to the temple with my district so I went later with another Hermana in my zone who's also in the choir. Then we ate lunch and now I'm doing laundry and wearing pants and sending emails and chilling with my district! Life is good!! And later we have MTC devotional which should be good. Pues... I don't really know what else y'all wanna know but just know that I'm loving life and doing what I've been dreaming about doing my whole life!!
Besos y abrazos,
Herman A. Holloway
PS: People should write me letters.
PPS: And I did get my license and the other thing we ordered. Thank you!
PPS: I met a girl that dated Bryant for like a week. She recognized me because of my name tag. And I saw Teal Bickmore and a couple other BYUH people here that I wasn't expecting to see.

Bethani with her cousin, Ben, who works at the MTC.

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